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Business Opportunity

Gold Buying Business Opportunity Options
Open Your Own Gold-Buying Business Retail Store

Knowledge Required

-How to Test Gold and Precious Metals
-How to Start a Gold Buying Business (and be profitable)
-Gold Testing Supplies
-Charity Fundraising Event Planning
-Gold Parties
-Gold Buying Business Development

Value added products

Gold fabrication is converting pure gold into coins, jewelry with the help of technology. The coins are coated with gold with the help of electroplating technology. The jewelry market is a huge outlet for gold fabrication. Various types of golden ornaments and jewelry are made using fabrications. The market for fabricated gold is classified as dental & medical, electrical & electronic, jewelry & art and other applications.
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to Sell Gold for Cash

The popular and prime jewellery shops like Tanishq, GRT, Joy Alukkas and so on will not entertain paying cash for your jewellery. They will only be interested to exchange for new jewellery.
1.You have to find a local Gold Buyer
2.How much will they pay for second hand Gold Jewellery or Gold Coins?
For 916 Hallmark Jewellery, they will pay you 96% in cash on the current gold rate
For non-916 hallmark jewellery, they will pay you max of 90% and it will vary based on the purity of the Gold
3.Make sure to take photocopy of your identity proof and address proof as the Gold Buyer will ask for the same.
4.Make sure to collect cash instantly, so that you are not cheated.

TOP - Gold Buyers

Asia Pacific is the leading region for fabricated gold. The demand is higher from India and China and accounted for more than half of the global demand for fabricated gold

Monday, January 22, 2018


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Gold is produced at some mines as part of the process of mining and refining other metals, such as copper. At those operations, gold is refined to an acceptable purity as part of the copper production process. At most gold mines, the gold "dore" is sent to a refinery for further processing

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Small Scale Gold Ore Processing

India has very negligible gold production, for a country that consumes so much gold
The value of gold mining production in India is about Rs. 312 crores
There is therefore so much imports of Gold at high purity levels as the import duty used to be same as that of gold dores of less purity
Recent differentiation of the duty changes have become attractive for the dore refining Industry in India
There is also good prospects if Gold ore either raw or concentrated are imported into India, then there is potential for Small Scale processing of Gold from imported materials are possible
Only the transportation Cost of import of Gold bearing ore either raw or concentrated is going to be the additional cost
There is already some imports are taking place from Africa especially from Ethopia , Ghana and others as it appears to be Profitable
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